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Rethink the way you link

This link-generator helps healthcare communicators meet social media standards. In June 2014, the FDA explained how we might include risk and fair balance in media with limited space, like Twitter and Instagram. When possible, the Agency "recommends that the URL or web address itself denote to the user that the landing page consists of risk information".

Small character count?

It's tough to craft a healthcare message in just 140 characters—even harder when we have to cover fair balance and provide a URL that clearly leads to product risks.

RxRI.SK makes a big difference

It shortens long URLs, while also ensuring the link itself literally communicates “risk.” Before you use it, talk with your regulatory team about the FDA guidance—and tell them about RxRI.SK as a character-saving resource.

inVentiv Health brings you this tool thanks to the collective resources of all our agency partners. We're sharing it with you because we know we're part of a larger community with a responsibility to guide people toward information, care, and better health.